Supporting You from Diagnosis and Beyond

Cancer Signpost is a research-based blog aimed at anyone facing cancer, their caregivers and their supporters, specifically covering all aspects of the social and emotional impact of cancer.

Our content is designed to support you through the whole experience from the point of diagnosis, through to survivorship or alternatively living with advanced cancer. We also aim to help caregivers and supporters into their experience of loss or grief.

Our newsletter sign-up offers a series of mini guides, designed to ‘signpost’ anyone facing cancer to a curated selection of suggested trusted resources. We hope these will help you to navigate the cancer world and research cancer in an easier, quicker and less stressful way.

Fuelled by a personal story of loss, all this is aimed at hopefully working towards one day opening a wellness retreat for families to spend time together in a non-hospital environment during the palliative care phase.

Cancer Signpost

Supporting anyone facing cancer, their caregivers and their supporters.

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